Friday, August 26, 2011


I get a lot of emails from people asking about second editions, or reprints of sold out prints. On August 29th for the first time ever, we will be stocking, printing and shipping a very small number of second editions of some of your favorite prints. They include both prints for The Thing, as well as our Mario Propaganda set of 4. Some of these peices sold out in hours the first time so be sure to check back on Monday as they may go fast.

We will also be debuting a few new pieces including an awesome print for John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live. We'll also have a great mashup thats one of my favorites we've done so far.

In addition we've also switched over to a new much more efficient carrier for our shipping which should cut our delivery time almost in half!

Also The first 5 They Live prints are reserved for 5 random people who reblog this or any post put up between now and Monday! Be sure to check for a more info and for a few more promos I put together.


  1. Are you changing the designs at all? A bit disappointing to have bought the first run and have them be limited only to have you reprint more. What is the point of the limited run if you print as many as you want?

  2. Artists have to make a living. Can't all be penniless.

  3. I want one of those red Thing posters you did, it is wonderful. You say in this post that they are sold out but the site is allowing me to buy one of them on the original post. Is this a mistake or are they still available?