Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FroDesignCo Salutes: Doctor Who

FroDesignCo Salutes: Doctor Who
11" by 17" Hand Signed & Numbered
Giclee on Archival 250 GSM Matte Paper
Limited Edition of only 150

Every time the Doctor regenerates
you will receive a blue envelope in the mail
with a vinyl press on of the new Doctor
along with instructions on
where to place him on the design.
I've designed a few Doctor Who inspired prints in the past, but with the 50th Anniversary approaching and because my Let's Kill Hitler print has swastikas on it therefore making it impossible to hang, I thought I'd do something more all encompassing.

This tribute includes a lifetime supply of new Doctors, and the instructions pictured above. Each limited edition print has a unique code that can be used to change a shipping address in case the poster is ever sold or traded or in any other case where the purchaser changes address.
This print is in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by BBC or Doctor Who.


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